Who We Are

A True Global Reach

100% investment diversification policy ensures sustainability.

RSF holdings manage multiple fund strategies that invest across the risk/return spectrum on behalf of a diversified and highly regarded group of endowments, foundations, public and corporate pension plans, financial institutions, family offices and sovereign entities.
Collaborating with management teams of high-potential companies, the key is providing access to the right mix of operating skills, specialist sector experience and insights from around the globe.


Our Buyout Funds’ portfolio can be qualified as ‘asset light’ and the most material environmental indicator for many companies is electricity usage.


Processes and practices are in place across the portfolio to support the wellbeing of the workforce.


Good corporate governance and a code of ethics which guides our business activities is the foundation of effective corporate management.

principle guided policy

We fulfill our mission by:

  • Promoting a culture of integrity
  • Aligning client objectives with individual & firm growth
  • Balancing trade offs between investment return & risk Rewarding both teamwork and individual initiative

Why Us

We work to inspire teams to build ideas that transform business. One way we do this, is through a sector and sub-sector approach. It improves our understanding of the trends that matter to management teams. It helps with identifying new opportunities and managing potential downside risks. It makes RSF holdings a better partner.

RSF Asset Management is a leading global alternative asset manager with over $27 billion of assets under management across real estate, infrastructure, renewable power, private equity and credit. Our objective is to generate attractive long-term risk-adjusted returns for the benefit of our clients and shareholders.

We manage a range of public and private investment products and services for institutional and retail clients. We earn asset management income for doing so and align our interests with our clients by investing alongside them. We have an exceptionally strong balance sheet, with approximately $13 billion of capital invested, primarily in our listed affiliates: RSF Property Partners, RSF Infrastructure Partners, RSF Renewable Partners and RSF Business Partners. This access to large-scale capital enables us to make investments in sizeable, premier assets and businesses across geographies and asset classes that few managers are able to do.

We create value for RSF shareholders in the following ways:

As an asset manager

– by investing both our own capital and that of our investors – this enables us to increase the scale of our operations, and enhances our financial returns through base management fees and performance-based income

As an investor and capital allocator

– we strive to invest at attractive valuations, particularly in value-oriented situations that create opportunities for superior valuation gains and cash flow returns, or by monetizing assets or businesses at appropriate times to realize value; and

As an owner-operator

– we constantly work to increase the value of the assets or businesses within our operating businesses and the cash flows they produce through our operating expertise, development capabilities and effective financing.


We seek to create value by supporting transformational improvements in portfolio companies. Through operational expertise and digital acceleration we help build future market leaders. Staying fully aligned with management teams makes us great partners in creating value.


Finding great companies is just the start of the journey. Recognising that every company is different, facing its own unique set of opportunities and challenges, is key. Strategies to accelerate growth are developed alongside management teams, providing them with access to RSF holdings internal resources.

For nearly 13 years, we have invested in public markets on behalf of institutions, governments and individuals worldwide. We employ our high-conviction, value-oriented investment approach to real estate, infrastructure, energy infrastructure, real asset debt and multi-strategy real asset solutions—a $10 trillion investable universe. Our assets under management were over $436 Million as of April 30, 2021

  • Value investors focused on bottom-up, research intensive fundamentals
  • A patient, long-term investing horizon with the objective of meaningfully outperforming our benchmarks over a full market cycle
  • Concentrated portfolios of our best ideas
  • Comfortable with a contrarian view, seeking to exploit market inefficiencies and temporary market dislocations
  • An institutional mindset that stems from RSF’s owner/operator mentality


We look for people who are approachable, insightful and ambitious. We know relationships based on mutual trust and respect are most effective. We took time to reaffirm our values, precisely because we want stakeholders to know what we stand for, the type of talent we look for in the people we hire, and the interactions they can expect.


We are technologists and engineers at our core, translating ideas into actions. Our operations, growth and technology strategies are personalized through thoughtful exchange across our network. We know enterprise software and have the track record in investing, operations, growth and innovation to prove it.


RSF holdings is a specialist in financial services, a dynamic and diverse industry representing a significant portion of the U.S. economy. Financial services is opportunity rich but oft-overlooked: regulatory, tax, accounting, and business model complexities all require expertise. Our knowledge, gained over 13 years in financial services, positions us well to navigate the opportunities of this specialized space.


Our Investment Committee has, on average, invested together at RSF for 13 years, worked together for over 12 years, and been in financial services for over 12 years, including in senior operational roles. Having completed over 4300 investments since 2010 through its affiliated investment funds, the team has extensive experience investing in and managing financial institutions.

Ways We Invest

RSF holdings’ investments are structured in numerous capital forms including equity, preferred equity, mezzanine loans, and senior loans. RSF holdings determine its capital structure for a particular transaction on the merits of investment basis, capital preservation, and risk-adjusted return. RSF holdings invest substantial equity capital in collaboration with experienced third-party JV sponsors as well as on a direct basis without outside operators. Short and medium duration transactions with compelling IRRs and absolute returns are sourced for RSF holdings closed-end Value Add/Opportunity Funds. Longer dated equity investments with core and core-plus risk/return profiles are sourced for the firm’s Separately Managed Accounts and its Build-to-Core Multifamily program.