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Responsible Investment Strategy

Our goal at RSF Holdings is to make wise investments and support the expansion of emerging companies. We assist investors in achieving their financial goals for the benefit of their clients, beneficiaries, families, and communities by investing our own capital as well as the capital of our investment partners from around the world, including public and private pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, foundations, family offices, and high net worth individuals.

We acknowledge that environmental, social, and governance ("ESG") issues, such as those connected to climate change, are receiving more attention from investors, employees, and other stakeholders, which is changing the way they invest and the employers they choose.

Managing our firm and making investments wisely requires that we take these shifting priorities into account.



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By assisting in the identification of business opportunities and risks, we think that incorporating ESG factors into our investment process can significantly contribute to the creation of value. We evaluate important ESG factors for each company across all of our platforms, including private equity, credit, and wealth management, while also taking into account more general ESG factors that are significant to the industries in which they operate.

How We Work

Steps For Successful Business

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Asset Management

The active managers chosen by RSF Holdings portfolio managers are among those rated highly by our manager research teams. Our portfolio managers use the ESG ranks and have access to profile and exposure data, as well as ESG and carbon footprint metrics. Only actively managed investments with the highest overall rankings make the cut. Additionally, ESG-related themes could be present in our products. The various governance groups in the Investment Division carefully consider and approve each manager appointment.

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risk management for sustainable development

On a continuous basis, portfolio managers look to identify and evaluate sustainability risks that are financially significant. Utilizing available metrics and in consultation with outside investment managers, potential risks are identified (also referred to as subadvisors). One or more of the following steps may be taken if a potential sustainability risk is identified: A thorough discussion with the external investment manager who supports the holding;

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Strategic Planning.

Continually being developed and improved upon by our researchers are ESG-related strategies like Decarbonization 2.0, impact investing, and ESG-themed solutions. Our carbon-related products are created using unique carbon metrics and other ESG-related metrics. We have created a proprietary Green Energy Ratio, which quantifies the proportion of renewable energy that a utility generates (green energy). By using technologies for climate change mitigation, this metric may help identify some of the potential leaders in the climate transition..

Direction & Goal

The goal of RSF Holdings is to satisfy the needs of our clients by providing outcome-oriented solutions that incorporate effective risk management strategies. Our five core competencies—capital markets research, portfolio construction, portfolio implementation, manager research, and factor exposures—combine to form this focus. Our company's foundation and long-term success are the people and values of RSF Holdings.

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A crucial component of responsible investing is clarity. By being open and honest about our responsible investing strategy and practices, we can show our dedication to and advancement toward bringing about substantive change. It also enables us to openly discuss the difficulties in creating a responsible investment service that is suited to the various needs of our clients.


Administration and Regulations
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Our board of directors is in charge of overseeing responsible investment, and they also set the tone for the company, support a positive culture, and, through our senior leadership team, promote appropriate behavior and teamwork throughout the company. The managing director (MD) of our investment business is in charge of daily responsibility for responsible investment, with assistance from the heads of our investment businesses.

Our customers, regulators, and the general public have every right to expect us to be ethical investors. Our goal is to be a pioneer in ethical investing in our sector, not just to meet those expectations. One of our four pillars of being a responsible business, along with our people, society and communities, and environmental impact, is responsible investment.