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RSF Financial Perspective

Your asset manager will first have to determine your circumstances and needs, whether you contact us directly or through a qualified adviser. A crucial aspect of this procedure is having direct communication with the person who will be in charge of handling your financial affairs. He or she needs to be aware of your general degree of wealth, way of life, time frame, tax situation, and any liabilities you could have. You might want to transfer a current portfolio from another investing firm or you might be a new investor. Consolidating your investments, including ISAs, under a single investment strategy may also be a good idea at this time.

We will recommend an investment strategy that takes into account your specific circumstances and goals once we have gained a thorough understanding of your situation and your goals through our investment process. If you accept the plan, we'll create your portfolio right away.

  • A single investment procedure was used to build a single investment team.
  • We concentrate on long/short investment with a fundamental focus on capital preservation.
  • Long-standing experience handling alternative and long-only strategies.
  • Fully integrated processes that lead the industry.

Financial Circumstances

In order for us to completely grasp your financial status and expectations, your investment manager will establish a close working connection with you or your adviser. This relationship will begin with a thorough fact-finding process. Industry-specific knowledge exchanged across platforms Our investing strategy's foundation is our sector-focused approach.
Our investment teams are primarily structured around sectors, which enables investors across the firm who are focused on various products and strategies to collaborate and establish strong relationships in our main areas. We gain unique insight from the firm's shared ideas and intellectual capital, and we may use this cross-platform leverage to match the correct financial solutions with enticing possibilities.

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Quality Focus

We are methodical in acquiring top-notch assets and companies that we think can offer reliable downside protection throughout market cycles.

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Steady Approach

Although we deploy capital over the long haul, we are prepared to act swiftly when the right opportunity presents themselves.

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Contrarian Opinion

We acknowledge that creating desirable rates of return frequently necessitates looking for assets, companies, markets, and industries that are unpopular or going through difficult times.

Managing your assets

To ensure that your asset allocation remains suitable for the constantly shifting circumstances in the global financial and economic markets, we will actively manage it. In the event that your goals or personal situation change, your investment manager will also be in charge of making the necessary adjustments. One of the best ways to maintain and grow wealth over the long term is to use a diversified investment strategy, also known as a "balanced portfolio" or "multi-asset portfolio," that combines various assets. This strategy can expose investors to a wide range of investment opportunities and limit losses during difficult market conditions. Usually, the way various assets respond to changes in the underlying economy and financial markets varies.

Value Based Investment

For our investors, which include pension plans, inheritances, foundations, sovereign funds, financial institutions, insurance companies, and the private wealth channel, we strive to deliver enticing long-term returns and strong downside protection.